Furnishing Yarns

The Fratelli Franchi furnishing yarns have been appreciated and purchased for years by international weavers, such as in Belgium and in France, which boast the best traditions in the sector that produces upholstery fabrics such as sofas and armchairs, rugs, curtains and upholstery fabrics wall.

Before being put into production our yarns are subjected to the necessary tests, in order to guarantee, the necessary standards and the highest quality.

One of the characteristic components of The Fratelli Franchi furnishing yarns is the continuous-dyed polyester paste-dyed, constantly available in stock service; where we speak of yarns of our production, such as the Supercolor, Multicolor, Vulcano, Vesuvio, Didone or Tuareg items, we refer only to articles composed with this type of yarn.

Flame Retardant Yarns

Thanks to its decades of experience in the sector, The Fratelli Franchi has always offered the highest quality in the Flame Retardant yarn market, producing a specific series of 100% Flame Retardant fancy yarns, thought for the contract market, which meet precise rules of use and safety, without neglecting creativity and fashion trends.

These are 100% polyester yarns, many of which are offered by tracing the types of normal yarns for furnishings, to offer the customer the opportunity to purchase the same fancy yarn in both types.

Costumers Area

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